SSL Certificate – how to install on shared hosting

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Categories: Website Development

secured-websiteIf in a previous article I have approached where to get free SSL certificates for your website, let me continue here with step by step instructions on installation. I will be discussing here a particular case that I used on an IX WebHosting shared account. Installation at other web hosts will be different, so it is also good to check their knowledge base for details.

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Free SSL Certificate – where to get and how to install on your website

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Categories: Website Development

free-ssl-certificateWebsite security has become a more and more debated topic these days given the multitude of hacking attacks stealing customer information, online surveillance and ranking factors. Until recently, securing a website with an SSL certificate was a bit more expensive than many website owners were prepared to pay. But things have changed and having your website secured has turned to be a free ride if you know what to do.

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5 Things to consider when choosing a web hosting

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Categories: Hosting & Domains

hosting-serversSo you decided to get a website done: you have the idea down on a paper, you know how you would like to organize it, probably the pages and categories to be included in your web project. With the numerous options out there, choosing the perfect web hosting for you and you project could be overwhelming.

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How to Increase Your Page Speed Score

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Categories: SEO

page-speedIf you have a website, you may have heard already that Page Speed is one of the ranking factors used by Google. Of course, they are interested in pushing forward the best experience to users, so if it is to choose between two similar results to rank higher, they would probably go for the one that loads faster rather than one that takes a few seconds to load - hence improving the user experience. In an ever changing Internet world, the speed of your website has become vital.

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