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How to Increase Your Page Speed Score

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Categories: SEO

page-speedIf you have a website, you may have heard already that Page Speed is one of the ranking factors used by Google. Of course, they are interested in pushing forward the best experience to users, so if it is to choose between two similar results to rank higher, they would probably go for the one that loads faster rather than one that takes a few seconds to load - hence improving the user experience. In an ever changing Internet world, the speed of your website has become vital.

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Content Widgets – free content for your website

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Categories: Content

widgetWidgets are small snippets of dynamically updated content that can be used on a variety of platforms. Surely you have already used such a widget on your PC, or more likely on your smartphone, delivery content in a small box. Similar implementations are also available for the web: if you have a website, most likely you will find related widgets that you can implement in your webpages to enhance user experience.

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CDN or how to make your website lightning-fast

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Categories: Website Development

contentdeliverynetworkIf you run a website or plan to develop one that should attract a good amount of traffic, CDN services are something you should consider. You might have heard already about CDN or Content Delivery Network, but you are not sure what that is. Well basically a CDN service helps a website get faster and takes off some loads that otherwise are meant to your hosting account / server. For a regular website / blog, not using a CDN might not be a problem, but for websites with 1000s of hits / day, this could add up to important server bandwidth and process loads.

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