How to downgrade WordPress to an earlier version – Step by Step

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The WordPress platform is fast moving forward with new changes and development, however many different plugins or WP themse that one or another blogger are using are not updated as fast to stay compliant and functional with the new WordPress versions. So what happens if you have just recently upgraded your WordPress blog to the latest version and found that some plugins or WP themes you are using have stopped operating correctly?

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How to upgrade Joomla 1.5.x to Joomla 2.5 – Step by Step

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The Internet world is fast moving forward and scripts and technologies change to keep up with latest developments. Same happens with Joomla, one of the top free CMS scripts out there. The other day my web hosting provider announced me that they will update the server PHP version to 5.4 and that I should upgrade any old scripts as they might stop working. On that hosting account I do have some websites that were built on Joomla 1.5, and unfortunately this version of Joomla is not functional in the new PHP 5.4 environment.

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How to build your own Web Directory – free directory scripts

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Web directories or link / URL directories as some refer to, are some of the most common websites on the web, live since the beginning of the WWW industry and pointing users to relevant websites in each category before search engines were available.

Since the rise of search engines, web directories lost some of their importance, however they are still a great way to get introduced to website administration and they can help you identify profitable niches.

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