Recommended Web Hosting: Performance & SEO

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For anyone serious about having a website, web hosting services are a must: but in today’s large pool of web hosting providers it is becoming difficult in selecting the right service for your needs. There are a few factors you should consider when choosing your web hosting provider, as moving a website in time can be time consuming.

Questions to answer when selecting a web hosting provider:


  • What development environment is used for your website? Here, if you are looking at a basic HTML website or a website developed on a certain platform (PHP, ASP, MySQL) – check for the hosting provider to offer support for your required scripts
  • Where would your website visitors come from? I am referring here to a geo-location point of view. For example, if you develop a website in German, and you expect mainly German, than selecting a hosting provider located in Germany could be an advantage (mainly because the local bandwidth will make your website load faster to local visitors)
  • What is the purpose of your website? If you are looking to have one or few websites only, than a shared hosting is good, if you plan to have more websites hosted and use them for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes, than a hosting with multiple IPs is recommended

Reliable and Performance Web Hosting

Most website owners need just a reliable web hosting that offer high performance. For this case I recommend services (use discount coupon for great discounts on hosting and web domain registration).

1and1 offers performance web hosting, with websites loading and serving visitors all over the world at the great speeds. Their servers are also some of the most reliable, with a tested uptime service. This means your website will not be offline as with some other web hosting providers. Firewall configurations also keep your website secure against any type of malware or hacker attacks.

SEO Web Hosting

For professional webmasters that know the importance of using different IPs for each of their website, I recommend services (use IX Web Hosting promo code to get up to $95 discount).

IX Web Hosting offers the best price rate for hosting services with multiple IP address. Their top hosting plan offers 15 free IPs, unlimited hosting, data-bases, script support and more. The server performance is decent, but with some issues here and there – that is why I don’t recommend hosting a big website here, just to be used for mini-websites that you can use for SEO linking purposes to your main business.

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