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Making some extra cash in your AdSense account is now possible using entirely other websites that you do not own. is a travel portal checking availability and comparing prices for hotels and flight tickets all over the world. I had the pleasure of being part of the development of this project, and I tried to take in consideration all factors that would help other webmasters offer great new services to their users and making money out of it. has a travel section dedicated to webmasters, where anyone having a website can use a few interesting promo methods to promote some amazing services and get paid for doing so. The whole idea is simple: you can promote (any page from and the AdSense ads shown on the website will be yours – any click generated on these ads by your visitors will create great revenues in your AdSense account. All you have to do is select the link of the page / section you want to promote and add the string ?pubID=ca-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to the URL, where XXXX would be your AdSense Pub ID.

For example, if you have a website related to Paris City, you might want to link to New York Hotels page or Paris Flights page. See below the example links for these cases:

Paris Hotels

Paris Flights

When users visit through such links, all AdSense ads available on BookingFair will be yours. The ads will be shown for 30 days from the first visit of each user – which means that if a visitor you refer through such a link comes back to BookingFair at a later time without using your website, the AdSense ads will still be yours, and any clicks will generate revenues for you.

Some facts to consider:

  • $1 / click in revenues > revenues generated through related ads on can easily reach $1 / click. The PPC received is subject to a few factors however such as location of your visitor or ad clicked
  • BookingFair offers a massive base of links for promotion: over 350.000 hotels in over 39.000 locations from over 200 countries; over 700 airlines flying over 8.000 airports worldwide
  • 28 languages > travel services offered in 28 different languages making it easy to target audience from all over the world

Links, banners, search widgets for hotel rates and airfares are a few of the available methods for webmasters to promote For those that would like to have a BookingFair search solution run under their brand, there are also available travel white label and domain parking solutions.

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