Top Alternatives to AdSense

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adsenseA few years ago I was writing about generating revenue with Google AdSense using other websites. That was when I still were the proud owner of an AdSense account. As things moved forward, I decided to change the beneficiary of the AdSense account from my name to my company. This is a simple process that can be done on any other network by updating your account details.

This was not the case of AdSense: they did not allow such updates. After discussing with an AdSense representative, they suggested I cancel my personal AdSense account and open a new one, with the company as beneficiary. Although I could not understand why to go through all that trouble of closing down an account and opening a new one, changing all AdSense code on all websites, I complied. After submitting the application for a new account, to my surprise it was denied, having used the same websites that were used before and were generating a good amount of traffic and nice revenues.

So weather you went through the same thing, or you were simply on the first unsuccessful application, you've most likely seen that there are some automated emails that gives you this notice, with little info to explain the reasoning behind and way to reach human support on that matter.

But, although AdSense could have offered a nice implementation to a webmaster for generating revenues from their blog or website, the rejection from the program is NOT THE END. If one door closes, a window opens; so in fact, is only the beginning to a world of alternative that you can use to generate money online.

PPC Programs

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one option of working with an ad network. As AdSense would have paid you, PPC means you get a revenue for every click the ads generated on your account. The PPC value varies on the competitiveness of the market you operate like content or targeting visitors. Below are a few PPC suggestions that can be used as an alternative to AdSense:

  1. Chitika - this program is quick to register and have your account approved. As soon as registration is complete, you can login and generate the first ad codes for your website, implement them and start serving ads. TESTED: I have seen many webmasters recommending Chitika and this could have worked better for them, but on my tests, after 1 week of ads on an English travel related website there were 0 clicks generated, but with a CPM available of under 3 cents ($0.03 per 1000 ad views). The Zero CTR and the CPM willing to pay made me remove the ads after one week of trial. Again, maybe other had better results, so I am looking to hear impressions from you on this.
  2. Clicksor - this is another ad network that offers quite a few more advertising options, from text ads and graphical banners paid on PPC model, to interstitial ads and pop-unders paid on a PPV model (pay per visitor/interstitial). This may better suite some webmasters due to its rich offering. NOT tested by me.

Affiliate Programs

My choice for you would be affiliate programs. Contrary to PPC programs where you get paid per click regardless of what that user does on the advertiser website, affiliate programs pay you on a different model: CPA (Cost Per Action/Acquisition) or Revenue Share. These two models are many times more productive in terms of revenues than PPC programs, although for beginners it may take more time to see the revenues as these are shown only when an action is taken by the referred visitor, not on click.

The beauty of affiliate programs is that you will find such partners to work with in virtually any niche and language. First of all clarify your target audience: what kind of visitors are coming to your website, for what sort of content. Then, try to identify some companies/websites that sell complementary services or products to the type of audience you have. Once you found these, check of they have an affiliate program. A quick online search on any niche will return quite a few results for you to try.

Lets say you have a travel blog, something you write about what you have done in your travels, what to visit in different places. It's easy to get that the audience you have is looking for travel ideas. So, in such case you could affiliate and promote some travel related services, such as hotel booking or flight reservations, but not only. What happens here is that your audience may relate to those services, end up on the advertiser website and buy something. When such action occurs, you would get paid a CPA (which is a fixed fee paid for the action), or Revenue Share (which is a share of the total value spent by the customer). One thing to remember here is that affiliate programs usually track visitors for longer periods of time, so if a visitor you referred to an advertiser returns to them after one week to complete a purchase, you would still get credited for the sale and earn revenue.

As you can see, the web is full of opportunities and alternatives, some better then others. AdSense could have been your first choice due to its notoriety and ease of use, but it is not an end of the world if you did not get approved.