How to generate AdSense revenues using other websites content

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Categories: Ad Networks

Making some extra cash in your AdSense account is now possible using entirely other websites that you do not own. is a travel portal checking availability and comparing prices for hotels and flight tickets all over the world. I had the pleasure of being part of the development of this project, and I tried to take in consideration all factors that would help other webmasters offer great new services to their users and making money out of it.

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Cookie Policy Consent – free script implementation

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Categories: Scripts

The European Union has adopted several laws in regards to online privacy, and it requires webmasters with visitors from within the EU area to ask for each user’s consent to place any cookies on their browser. If you are a webmaster, chances are your website will set at least one cookie in your visitors’ browsers, and as EU laws start to fade in in application, you should comply with these requests or you can face fines.

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Recommended Web Hosting: Performance & SEO

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Categories: Hosting & Domains

For anyone serious about having a website, web hosting services are a must: but in today’s large pool of web hosting providers it is becoming difficult in selecting the right service for your needs. There are a few factors you should consider when choosing your web hosting provider, as moving a website in time can be time consuming.

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How to add your website to all major search engines

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Categories: SEO

For those of you that have just started a website or blog for the first time and you were wondering how to get included in search engines results so that other people can find you – there is a simple way to add your website link to all major search engines. There are several search engines used in the world, so you can register your web URL to those appropriate where you would expect visitors from.

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