Geo-Targeting web-script

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Over the time spent in online marketing, I came across all sort of requests and targets, and being able show content based on visitor location can make a great difference in visitor loyalty and lead generation. Geo-targeting has many advantages when it come with user interaction, being able to show the right message to the right people. For example, it is most likely for a German visitor to interact with a banner in German language rather than with an English banner.

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How to include RSS content in your website pages

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Many websites offer RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) as a manner of keeping users updated without having them to revisit the website. Some of you may be familiar with RSS feeds, already getting updates in a RSS Reader, and some other users may not know so much about these feeds.

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SEO in 5 steps

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process in web development that will help in the website gaining better positioning in search engine organic results (non-paid results). As search engine organic results are a source of free and highly targeted traffic, following a few simple steps when developing your website and web-pages may represent the difference between success and failure.
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Website Editor Tools

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There are several ways of getting a website done. One of the options would be the use of CMS solutions (Content Management System) that will allow users to edit their website directly online. But how would you work on websites developed in HTML? To edit HTML websites or to simply create an HTML website from a simple template you need to use an HTML editor.

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