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Over the time spent in online marketing, I came across all sort of requests and targets, and being able show content based on visitor location can make a great difference in visitor loyalty and lead generation. Geo-targeting has many advantages when it come with user interaction, being able to show the right message to the right people. For example, it is most likely for a German visitor to interact with a banner in German language rather than with an English banner.

Increased interaction means optimized lead-generation and sales, that can have a good impact on a webmaster’s financial success. The ability to increase for example the CTR (Click Through Rate) 5x on an ad-banner by implementing a Geo-targeting system could result in making $5000 from a campaign rather than $1000. This is an opportunity webmasters with international traffic should not miss.

On the other hand, the ability to restrict traffic that bring loses through fraud or other means, is again a cash win. This was my specific case that pushed me in getting a Geo-targeting system in place. Over one of my campaigns I found that users from a certain country (I will not mention it here) were bringing me loses due to fraudulent activities, and being able to filter that traffic became a priority for me.

For this I have used the Analyse Spider script (you can buy it with $50 one time fee) that helped me filtering fraud traffic from a certain country and increase therefore profitability by 30%. I can recommend this script as it has many uses, and I have been implementing it on different projects for over a year now.

The Geo-targeting script has many implementations, and it is a must have capability for those serious about online business. Among such implementations are:

  • Real Time Geo-Locating (Country)
  • Redirect web pages based on geographical region
  • Automatically target advertising by country
  • Geo targeting for increased sales and click-through
  • Provide Location Aware Content ( language, currency, etc.)
  • Fraud Detection ( Credit Card Fraud, etc. )
  • On-line Campaign ( targeted Banner Ads )
  • Web log statistics and analysis (Analyze your web logs )
  • Filter non-valuable traffic on basis of originating country and low your host bandwidth cost
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Spam Filtering

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