How to add your website to all major search engines

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For those of you that have just started a website or blog for the first time and you were wondering how to get included in search engines results so that other people can find you – there is a simple way to add your website link to all major search engines. There are several search engines used in the world, so you can register your web URL to those appropriate where you would expect visitors from.

To start adding your website to search engines, you need to register your link (the home page link of your website)

  • Google: visit Google Webmaster Tools section and submit your link (create your free account to Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Bing: visit Bing Toolbox section and submit your link (create your free account on Bing Webmaster Tools)
  • Yandex: visit Yandex Submit section and submit your link (Yandex is the largest search engine used in Russia)
  • Baidu: visit Baidu Submit section and submit your link (Baidu is the largest search engine used in China)
  • Yahoo Search: visit Yahoo Search Submit section and submit your link (now to be powered by Bing – so inclusion on Bing will get you included in Yahoo Search as well)
  • Altavista: Altavista now uses search results from Yahoo Search / Bing (for inclusion on Altavista you need to include your website on Bing)
  • Qihoo: visit Qihoo Submit section and submit your link (Qihoo is one of the top grown search engines in China)

Submitting your link to the above services will put your website under consideration for inclusion in search results from all above major search engines. Inclusion is not guarantee, that is why I recommend having some content and few web pages created prior to submission. Links towards your new website are also recommended in order to improve your chances of getting in the search results (start posting your link in some free web directories).

If your website has more than a page, than it is recommended creating a sitemap of your website that search engines can use to find all your pages for indexing. A sitemap is a common xml file that lists all your website links – the list is read by all major search engines and pointed to what web-pages to scan and index. XML Sitemaps is a free online service that lets you create sitemaps for your website – simple follow the easy steps there, generate your sitemap, copy the content of the sitemap and paste it in an txt document and save it as sitemap.xml. This sitemap.xml file needs to be uploaded on your server where your website is hosted.

Search engines need to be pointed to the sitemap, and this can be done from the Webmaster Tools sections of Google and Bing (once you created your free accounts on submissions, see the sitemap section and submit the sitemap as well for your website).