How to get .edu and .gov backlinks

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Part of the SEO strategy is getting backlinks to your website. The idea would be to have diversified sources of backlinks, and where possible, get backlinks from authority websites. The websites hosted on .edu and .gov domains enjoy a higher authority in search engines as these domains are available for registration only by governmental or educational institutions.

But if these domains are so institutionalized, does it mean you need to know someone in that institution in order to get a backlink? The answer is No. There are employees or departments of these institutions that run their own blog for updates and news under the .edu or .gov domain, with possibility to post a comment on articles where you can include your link. Below I explain the 2 steps in getting such backlinks work for you: finding .edu / .gov blogs and posting comments that GET APPROVED (this is where most webmasters fail in their desire to get things fast).

1. Finding potential sources of .edu / .gov backlinks. First step is finding web-pages hosted on .edu / .gov domains where you can submit a comment with a backlink to your website. To search for such potential sources of backlinks, open Google search or Yahoo search and paste the below search expression (you need to change in the expression with your actual keywords, for example if you are looking for posts related to hotels or accommodation):

Search .EDU inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “Your Niche Keywords
Search .GOV inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “Your Niche Keywords

2. Getting your comments with backlinks approved. If finding potential sources of backlinks from .edu / .gov domains will prove easy with above searches, getting your actual links on these domains is the trick that most so called "gurus" avoid bringing the light on. First of all you should understand that most comments on this blogs are manually moderated. Also, keep in mind you are not the only webmaster trying to get a backlink from that blog. That being said, to get comments with backlinks approved you should go through some ethical submissions:

  • Read the article or part of it to know what it is about and make a comment related to the content. Don't post comments like "Thanks, nice post" or such things as all blog moderators have seen such comments way too often. DO NOT post your backlink now or your website name anywhere in the comment.
  • Copy the link of the article you commented on and save it in a file. Return to the article one-two weeks later and check if your comment was approved.
  • If your comment was not approved you can check again at a later time. If your first comment was approved, now you should be able to post a comment on any post of that blog and most times will go live immediately as will be automatically approved. The comment should still be related to the article's content. Feel free to include the link of your website with desired keywords at this stage

That would be all. If you speed the process from step 2 and go with backlinks inclusion from first comments, you will see that the approval rate is not so great, and once you have been flagged as spam on a blog, any future comments from you will go directly to spam folder making your approval rate near to zero.