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WordPress is the strongest blogging platform out there, free to use and supported by a major community in developing new features, plug-ins and templates. If your idea of a website is something you want to update constantly and you need to give it a more personal note, then blog platforms are for you.

Using any of the blogging platforms requires NO technical knowledge from you. Let’s go first through best blogging options for you:
-    WordPress – the most powerful blogging platform, free, easy to use and highly customizable
-    Blogger – one of the top free blogging platforms, supported by Google, with no web hosting required from you

WordPress: it comes as an archived file that you can upload on your hosting account where it needs installed. Well this may sound difficult, but it’s not. In fact, most web hosting providers (free and paid) offer now a script installer environment – simply click on a button within your hosting account and your WordPress blog is installed and ready to use. You can test it out for beginning on a free hosting account for WordPress (offered courtesy of Simply create a free account, login and visit the Easy Script Installer section. Here search for WordPress and click install. You may freely play with it, learn to post articles, create categories and so on. If you enjoy it and need more blogging power, you can upgrade any time to a paid hosting account (few $ per month, one of the cheapest on the web).

Below we have a screenshot of WordPress dashboard (the back-end where you can customize your blog, write / edit articles). The left menu has all the sections you need to make changes to your blog: write articles and edit them, approve comments, create categories, set blog settings, change templates, offer access to other users to create articles and many more.

There would be a number of handy changes we recommend for your newly WordPress blog, but I will cover this in another post.

Blogger: it is a platform powered by Google. It requires no web hosting as it comes as part of the package. Simply create you account on and set up your blog. The blog will be visible at a web address under this form: All customization is available from Blogger dashboard: write / edit articles, create categories, change templates and much more.

Best way to learn to use these blogging platforms are to test them by yourself. No worries if you anything wrong: it's just like editing a document.

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