How to downgrade WordPress to an earlier version – Step by Step

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The WordPress platform is fast moving forward with new changes and development, however many different plugins or WP themse that one or another blogger are using are not updated as fast to stay compliant and functional with the new WordPress versions. So what happens if you have just recently upgraded your WordPress blog to the latest version and found that some plugins or WP themes you are using have stopped operating correctly?

In such case you can either stick to the new version and wait for plugin/themes updates if they will come, or you can revert back to an earlier WordPress version that was working fine for you.

I recently had such a problem with a special WP theme that stopped working in WordPress v3.5, however it was doing just fine in WordPress v3.42. As there were no theme updates and in order to keep the functionality of my website I had to revert back at using the earlier WP version.

Downgrading WordPress can be done following the next step by step guide:

1. Login to your WordPress blog and deactivate all plugins

2. Download the WordPress version that used to be working for you. Check here WordPress version history

3. Unzip the WordPress archive

4. Go to your blog root folder (on your server) and delete all files in the root folder except the wp-config folder and the files in it. You can do this either using a FTP manager or your web hosting File Manager service

5. Upload to the root folder files from the WordPress version you want to revert back to. You must upload all files except wp-config folder

6. Once you have completed upload, go to your WordPress admin and login. If you are prompted for a database upgrade, click to do this

7. Activate the plugins you want to use

These simple steps should get your WP version downgraded to what you needed. Just make sure you follow the steps exactly, as if you skip any of them the blog could return an error. For example, I have not deactivated the plugins, after uploading the old WP version, I was having an error both as an admin and user. I had to upload the files from latest WP version to get it working again, deactivated the plugins and them followed the downgrade steps again.